Qualicum Beach Home Watch Locally Owned and Operated

Qualicum Beach Home Watch offers you peace of mind while you are away from your home vacationing or being an absentee homeowner. We help you to protect your investment and property by being your ears, eyes and voice when you cannot.

Peace of mind while you are away

Qualicum Beach Home Watch is insured and licensed. We are your trusted partner in your real estate investment offering a complete home watch service. We conduct regular site checks and a walk through your home. All our services are customized to fit your requirements and insurance needs.

Snowbirds, vacationers and active seniors can now take that extended trip without any headaches or hassles. Now you can travel and be worry free. For absentee home owners, vacant homes and home relocations, your home and property will be checked to your preference and schedule.

When a problem occurs we handle it!

You can count on professional handling of your property and home issues. We notify you of any problems and make recommendations to correct them. We can send a digital photo of the problem and have you decided what repair is to be done and a photo to follow of the completed repairs. We put our knowledge of community trades people to work for you. We will organize the necessary service, meet with the repair person and let them into your home. We will stay until the repair person has completed his/her work and secure your home following their departure.

In a Crisis Situation

When a crisis occurs you will have a professional service in place to handle the unknown. The homeowner may not be able to be contacted to get pre-approval for repairs. We will deal with the crisis and contact you as soon as possible. The main concern is to get a crisis situation under control as fast as possible to limit damages and further destruction to your home. Qualicum Beach Home Watch focuses on what our business is.


Reliability - Accountability - Simplicity - Professionalism

Qualicum Beach Home Watch is a licensed insured company offering a variety of home watch services. We provide full visual inspections inside and outside your home. We service Qualicum Beach and surrounding area. For peace of mind we act as your emergency contact. We are your eyes, ears and voice when you cannot.

  • Property inspection inside and out
  • Home watch services
  • Absentee home
  • Vacation home
  • Vacant and relocation
  • Realtor listed
  • Full client reports


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